Monday, November 7, 2011

Thunder Birds

Library Media Connection (October 2011)

The beautiful, life-like paintings in this book allow children to come eye to eye with powerful predatory birds such as eagles, ospreys, herons, vultures, hawks, and owls they would normally be able to observe only from a distance. Four fold-out pages offer life-size renderings and close-up sketches of the birds' feet, wings, beaks, and feathers. The book's conversational first-person narrative draws readers in and creates the feeling of being right there with Arnosky as he visits different habitats and wildlife refuges. Informative captions identify each bird and detail its respective length and wingspan. The table of contents makes it easy to locate information about specific flying predators, and an author's note and list of additional bird resources identifies similar titles for further reading. This first-hand narrative of traveling across the country and observing some of nature's most powerful predators will wow readers and inspire them to scan the skies for thunder birds in their own communities. Anne Bozievich, Library Media Specialist, Friendship Elementary School, Glen Rock, Pennsylvania. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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