Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Plant a Kiss

Booklist (December 15, 2011 (Vol. 108, No. 8))

Preschool-Grade 2. Children must wonder why adults say some of the curious things that they do—for instance, the phrase planting a kiss. Here, in charming, minimalist fashion, Rosenthal imagines a literal interpretation of the trope, spinning it out to a whimsical yet weighty conclusion. A young girl, known in the rhyming text as Little Miss, plants a kiss in the ground. After careful tending, a delicately sparkling sprout grows, and the girl decides to share her wondrous harvest with the world, diligently traveling to the farthest corners to do so. What is being shared exactly is left open to interpretation, but Reynolds’ winsome, small-scale illustrations—a perfect vehicle for this conceptual story—feature flourishes of yellow glitter that will help young children connect to the metaphorical aspect of the tale. A fine starting point for discussions about kindness, generosity, and how every person has the potential to affect big change. Not bad for a book that starts with one little kiss.

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