Friday, March 30, 2012

Chocolate Moose

Booklist (February 1, 2011 (Vol. 107, No. 11))

Preschool-Grade 2. What’s the difference between a u and an o? A mouse and a moose! Moose loves chocolate, but when he misreads the Help Wanted sign in the window of Mrs. Mouse’s bakery, it becomes quickly evident that he may be in for trouble. The mouse-sized bakery cannot accommodate his moose-sized body, and he’s too large to handle the tiny kitchen utensils. This sugar-sweet story has a perennially wise message at its center: we all have talents, it just takes a while to find them. Although Moose is hopeless as a baker, he is ideal as a babysitter to Mrs. Mouse’s crying children. This is a winsome offering, illustrated in soft-edged shapes and pastel colors. Moose has a Pooh-bear cuddliness, while the mice are drawn with more detail. Their clothes and expressions distinguish them from each other, and the size difference among creatures is exaggerated for good comedic effect as Moose bumbles about. The baby mice are delighted with Moose, and children will be, too.

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