Monday, January 7, 2013


Library Media Connection (August/September 2012)

Is that a chimpanzee or an orangutan? Maybe it's a gorilla? This series will clear up any confusion one might have about primates. Each book starts off with a description of what primates are and shows where they live in the world. There are chapters about the featured primates' classification, adaptations, life cycle, behavior, intelligence, and their future. Each book also offers a quick reference profile showcasing specific physical differences through a photograph and information about the weight, height, habitat, diet, etc. Each book also gives information on relevant organizations. These books contain maps, diagrams, captions, and stunning photographs. There are unique factoids throughout the books making them useful for research. Text is written in a simple and straightforward manner that is easy enough for upper elementary students to read, yet contains plenty of information for researchers. Bibliography. Glossary. Websites. Index. Patricia Walsh, Educational Reviewer, Norfolk, Virginia. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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