Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mama Built a Little Nest

 Booklist starred (February 1, 2014 (Vol. 110, No. 11))

Grades K-2. Pairing elaborate cut-paper collage with rhyming couplets, Ward and Jenkins show the beautiful variety of bird nests found around the world. Each jaunty, lilting four-line poem describes a type of nest, such as the tiny spiderweb cup constructed by a hummingbird (“Mama built a little nest, / a cup so wee and snug, / with wall of moss and roof of sky / and silky, cobweb rug”) or a hole dug by a burrowing owl (“Mama build a little nest / by digging out a burrow. / It was a hoot, our little home, / a safe and feathery furrow”). Jenkins’ gorgeous, remarkably realistic illustrations fill each spread and show the birds and nests in lively, species-specific detail, from the fuzzy fledgling falcon on a craggy ledge to a pair of emperor penguins on an icy expanse, keeping their egg warm on the father’s feet. In addition to the intricate pictures and catchy rhymes, each two-page spread includes a brief description of the type of bird depicted, the materials used in making the nest, and how they are built. Young bird-lovers will adore this cozy, illuminating look into avian habitats.

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