Monday, June 8, 2015

Super Fly: The World's Smallest Superhero!

Booklist April 15, 2015 (Vol. 111, No. 16)
Grades 1-3. Eugene Flystein is an unusual fly, preferring books and perfecting his inventions to outside pursuits. He and his family have recently moved to Stinkopolis, where the fourth-grader finds himself the target of class bully Cornelius C. Roach—a giant bug who runs off with Eugene’s Top-Secret Robot Notebook. Eugene and his new friend Fred Flea botch an attempt to fend off Cornelius with Eugene’s Ultimo 6-9000—an invention, delivered via key lime pie, that increases intelligence and strength by a factor of 9,000—and make a supervillain out of the roach, Crazy Cockroach, who builds an army of robots bent on destroying humankind. Knowing what he must do, Eugene eats the pie and transforms himself into Super Fly. With the help of his sidekick, Fantastic Flea, he battles Cornelius and saves the day . . . but for how long? Unapologetically silly, with plenty of gross-out humor and charming illustrations by author Doodler, beginning readers will thrill to the adventures of Super Fly.

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