Tuesday, January 19, 2016


K-Gr 3—Though her outward appearance is chock-full of dirt, the fairy Bloom is delightfully talented. Underappreciated and misunderstood, she retreats into the wilderness. Without Bloom's magical touch, her kingdom falls into disarray, "held together by duct tape, glue, and peasants." Though the king and then the queen search for answers to fix their kingdom ("I am looking for a magical creature, gone so many years ago"), they are too haughty to understand the sprite's message when she places mud at their feet. A seemingly ordinary girl named Genevieve, whose only job in the kingdom is to carry the queen's delicate, unbreakable spoon, is next sent in their stead. Though initially puzzled by Bloom's mannerisms, Genevieve learns from the fairy and develops the skills she needs to rebuild her kingdom Bloom's inspiring outlook ("Tell them there is no such thing as an ordinary girl") paves the way for Genevieve to return home. Humor is laced throughout the charming narrative, highlighted through Genevieve's dramatic growth and the expressive ink and watercolor illustrations. Wavy, thin lines accentuate the ebb and flow of Bloom's magical world. Changing typography emphasizes key ideas and natural pauses within the story line. VERDICT This engaging, empowering tale proves the future of happily ever after is in one own's hands, regardless of how much dirt they may have on them.—Meg Smith, Cumberland County Public Library, Fayetteville, NC Copyright 2016 Reed Business Information.

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