Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kit Feeny On The Move

Booklist (September 1, 2009 (Vol. 106, No. 1))
Grades 3-5. Moving to a new town? Awesome. Stowing your best friend away in a moving box? Stupid awesome. Getting busted by your mom? Stupid. But if there’s one thing Kit Feeny is good at, it’s coming up with outlandish schemes. But his new plan—to find a replacement best friend who loves graphic novels, ninja fishing, and Superballs—hits a snag when nobody meets his criteria, the bus bully boots him from his seat, and he gets in trouble for drawing in class. Upon realizing he can’t replace his bestie, Kit learns a lesson: making friends means being open-min—wait, nope, he strikes out as a lonesome hobo instead. Anyway, kids will get the point—loneliness isn’t cured by stuffing your best friend into a box but by being open to many different potential friends. Kit, a mischievous, silly, ambiguous anthropomorphic animal (a prairie dog, perhaps?), is an easy hero to cheer for in this graphic novel, which reluctant readers will find hard to put down.

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