Friday, January 29, 2010

A Very Big Bunny

Booklist (November 1, 2009 (Vol. 106, No. 5))
Preschool-Grade 1. Amelia the bunny knows all too well that it’s hard to be different. Despite her parents’ well-meaning assurances, the bunny finds her sizable stature a burden. On the playground, her classmates protest that she is too big to play with the other bunnies, so she spends recess alone. Then one day, Susannah, a pint-size bunny with pluck to spare, arrives in class. Her new classmates claim Susannah’s diminutive size prevents her from playing with them, too, but that doesn’t stop the spirited newcomer from seeking out a friend in Amelia and winning her over with a plan to make the two bunnies stand out in an entirely new way. Imbued with charming details that reward close inspection, Russo’s vivid gouache illustrations are a lively counterpart to the text’s refreshingly real-life tone and spot-on dialogue and classroom situations. A rewarding title for discussions on fitting in, bullying, and accepting and appreciating differences.

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