Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue!

 Booklist (April 1, 2014 (Online))

Grades 4-6. At McQuarrie Middle School, the war against FunTime (the euphemistically named standardized test-prep program) continues, but it seems the Origami Rebel Alliance’s previous victory may be short-lived. Despite Principal Rabbski’s promise to replace FunTime with extracurriculars, it’s still being shown in class! Desperate times call for desperate measures, and someone has decided to take matters into his or her own hand puppet. Princess Labelmaker makes her daring debut by stealing the rebels’ secret case file and giving it to the principal, an act that could prove their salvation or their demise. Plastered with Labelmaker’s commentary, the latest file offers insight into the nobility of the rebels’ cause and the self-serving designs of FunTime’s creators. This continues the characteristic spirit and humor readers have come to expect of the Origami Yoda series. In what may be their greatest challenge yet, Angleberger puts the Alliance to the test in more ways than one. But perhaps the greatest mystery of all is this: Just whose hand is behind Princess Labelmaker? HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: These books are more popular than a working droid on Tatooine. Expect the usual army of young Jedis to come out swinging for a copy.

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