Monday, February 13, 2017

Anything but Ordinary Addie

School Library Connection 8/1/2016
This is the true story of Adelaide Herrmann, born Adele Scarsez in London, 1853. Not much has been published about the woman who practiced magic for 65 years, yet her story comes to life in this bold and brilliantly illustrated biography. Adelaide met her husband Alexander on board a ship to America where he was performing his magic. She was so impressed with him and his magic that she actually proposed to him. Adelaide's main ambition was to astonish and amaze people, which she was able to accomplish throughout her whole life, no matter the obstacles. More about the Queen of Magic and the revelation of the secrets behind some of the magic tricks are included at the end of this pictorial biography. The combination of illuminating text paired with magnificent illustrations ensures that this will be a popular book in every collection.

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