Friday, February 24, 2017

Lesser Spotted Animals

Gr 3–6—What are a numbat, a zorilla, an onager, a gaur, and a hirola? Readers learn about these unusual animals in this playfully written and witty guide to creatures unknown. Each of the subjects receives approximately two pages of treatment. Page layout is consistent and well organized, with blocks of color drawing attention to the humorous but informative text. Brown offers vivid analogies rather than precise measurements when describing animal sizes; for example, the zebra duiker is "medium dog-size—with skinny legs," while the crabeater seal is "as big as a very tall, fat man—lying down." The subjects inhabit different regions, and tiny maps, occasionally too small to distinguish, identify where they can be found. Among other details are diet and conservation status, derived from the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List. The light, cartoonish artwork matches the tone of the writing. Vocabulary chosen for the glossary continues the fun. Among the terms are more familiar words such as male and female and even the definition of glossary. VERDICT This romp through the lesser-known animal kingdom will inspire appreciation in readers. Highly recommended as an alternative to more traditional works.—Lynn Vanca, Freelance Librarian, Akron, OH Copyright 2016 Reed Business Information.

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